Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Surviving Day One, YKW Sighting

Talk about weird. I went to karate yesterday (for the record, it took everything I had to get there because I was so exhausted) and was the first one there, so I hung out in the parking lot until people arrived. There was a soccer camp going on but I didn't give it much thought until I heard someone call out my name, and it was YKW's (you know whose) dad. We chatted for awhile and he was very cool, but it sure was weird. I didn't realize YKW was playing, and for the first time in months she actually waved at me. It made me realize they don't hate me, but also that that door has closed. I'm not sure we can ever go back there. He said that they'd been trying to call and if we were away, and I couldn't quite get a handle on where he was going with this one.

After weeks of not returning A's calls, and suddenly they're trying to get ahold of us? Strange, but that's fine. Life goes on, and we're moving on with our lives. Fortunately it was just YKW and not her ET.

We survived our first day of camp, and it was quite the juggling act. It started with taking A to her morning gig, then taking mom to work, then off to LL Bean with N to find him a new backpack and lunch box. We had hours to kill, so we went to Stern's, but the selection was terrible, no berries. Word to the wise, Tue and Fri evenings, or maybe Wed morning. We'll wait and see.

Also got both the kids new water bottles. I had been a fan of the Kleen Kanteen because the Sigg's have some sort of secret, proprietory lining which always makes me suspicious. In the end, I'd found out that the Kleen Kanteens, at least the LL Bean ones, had some issues with the plastic caps and now were being redesigned. Bummer. So we went with Sigg, which have much cooler designs, anyway, but again, that darn secret lining...

The kids like their bottles, that's all that matters, and at some point you have to give in and go with it. I did, however, drive around to Stateline Sports and Omer and Bob's to see if they had cooler designs. They did not.

N was itching for pizza for lunch, so we went to the Brick and Brew, had some pizza, then off to pick up mom for her lunchtime meeting at Tuck. We dropped her off, I took N to his camp, then back to the library to replenish our book supply. From there I was to meet mom at the bookstore, she took the car to get A and N at camp while I walked back to the library to hang out until they were done. This way she got to spend some quality time with A.

Around 4:30 they showed up at the library and we hung out until around 5:30, where we came home, I went to karate while the kids hung, and then bedtime. I would've imagined that they were exhausted. I know I was.

We're going to have to rethink the whole dinner gig, it appears that it's not going to work out. They are hungry after camp, and the long drive home might be a good time to chow. Either that or eat at our favorite place, Boloco's.

Today begins a new day and I hope we smooth out the drill a bit, no pun intended. Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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