Sunday, July 5, 2009

Looking Ahead

Now that the 4th is behind us, we can focus on other important issues. Have to keep in mind answering to the state, that will always haunt me. We have a double riding session this week, since we got rained out last week, and our guitar is on hold. We did, by some crazy twist of fate, find a drumming teacher for N, and she's local. How cool is that?

Some things to keep in mind-robotics for the kids, electric guitar for A, bikes for next Spring, skis for next Winter, and homeschooling always on my mind. I'm hoping the worst of the rains are behind us and we can start thinking of swimming pools. We might have to check out the Lebanon pool since Storr's Pond will kill us if we imbibe. $30, forget about it.

I got some stuff for the kids to do on the computer, and we're hoping that will pan out. We'll see, have to keep those minds moving. I think the Tunbridge Fair is approaching, and we usually go with G&T, but I know they'll hook up with her buddies and leave A&N in the cold, which is a total bummer. Might be able to coax the Mack's out of their shells, but we'll see.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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