Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Some Shopping and My Website

I think I've held up some of my end on the website, probably more than RR wanted and he's probably now cursing my name for inundating him with my crap, but I figure if it's not too painful for him, I might as well try to offer as much feedback regarding what I want on my website as I can. AND, he said in the end to keep it coming, so I'm willing to oblige.

I'm in the process of writing my bio, which ain't easy. I don't want to be a pretentious dork (something I'm guilty of with regularity), but I also don't want to it to be dull and lifeless. There's a fine line I'm walking here. Either way, as I've mentioned, it's kind of fun, and I'm kind of excited about the whole thing.

This morning we were once again scrambling to get to camp, and I for one don't know how people manage to live their lives as they do. We are getting a firsthand glimpse into the lives of most Americans who send their kids to school-up in the early AM, scramble to feed and clothes the kids, then out the door by 8:30. If anything , we have it easy, we only have to do this for one week, and it starts at 9:00. Most kids go to school for nine months, and it begins at 8:00. It's torture, really, and somehow it must fry children.

Anyway, after dropping off A, N and I went to get some fruit at Stern's. With our new chest freezer, we'll need to freeze a significant amount of berries to make smoothies over the winter. I'm beginning to realize that to make it over the nine months of winter will take a heck of a lot of fruit, and I don't think our little freezer (described by my mentor as "adorable") is big enough. Then again, can't think the American Way that bigger is better. We'll make do with what we have.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.


Arjun Sen said...

Thanks for the great posts on your conversion to a father first. I'm a single dad who quit my corporate job to be at home with my daughter. I've just started a blog called (named after a book I'm getting ready to publish) and I'd love to link to one another's since we discuss many of the same issues parents face.

phredude said...

Hi Arjun, I'm not sure how to contact you, but thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. Best of luck with the fatherhood gig, and kudos to you for putting your child first. Also, congrats on your book. I'm happy to link up to you but am not sure what this entails other than putting you on my links list. Let me know what you think and take care.