Friday, July 17, 2009

Homeschool Hauntings, the Pool, and Website Responsibilities

It is becoming increasingly clear to me that I've got to deal with our homeschool issues, i.e., answering to the state. I've got to work on the curriculum and enrollment for next year, it's already late and I need to move that up the priority list. I've found an evaluator and need to get that together, as well. Okay, now that I've decided that, I feel much better can put it all off until tomorrow...

We went to the fabled Aquatic Center pool yesterday, and it was all that it was hyped up to be-a wanna be Disneyland on water. First off, I have issues with indoor pools, and can't imagine why anyone would swim indoors during the summer. Second, there's too much crazy stuff going on, much in line with the screwed up world that we raise our kids in. Too much external and artificial stimulation where it's just not necessary. Give kids a pool of water and they will naturally have fun, but instead, in the artificial world we've created, we have to replace the natural progression of things with ersatz entertainment. Whatever be the case, it struck me as aqua-daycare, where parents need a place to unload their kids but want proper stimulation.

Also, the place is expensive, and I'm not sure how they justify the cost. It's like a country club, lots of stuff for the kids to do so mom and dad can sit around and sip lattes. Personally, the cynic in me found it all boring at some point, though A&I were thrilled to pieces about it.

Finally, it can't be good to surround yourself with chlorine all day, with no fresh air in sight. This is ironic when you really get down to it because parents today are so hyper aware of health issues and exposure to toxins, and yet they don't even blink an eye at dumping their kids in an environment saturated with chlorine (a chemical weapon, no less) in that they are drinking, absorbing through their skin, and breathing. Thankfully we live in an time where kids wear eye protection. If it were up to me, I personally wouldn't go back, but I know that idea will be vetoed by the kids. It's funny how you talk to parents and they just rave about the place, as if it were the greatest thing since sliced bread, while I didn't even like it. Just goes to show you that I'm the weak link in all this.

I found a website I liked, the King Arther Bakery site (great company, BTW). I was turned onto it by our kid's dentist, no less, whom I've become chums with lately. We talk cooking. Get him started and he become impassioned, indeed. His wife runs the site and it's beautifully done. In fact, it made me want to lean towards a lighter color scheme, without being too dorky. Gotta find the right balance here. I'm getting closer to my slogan, my icon, and intro. Just have to come up with a bio and things will start to fall into place, and RR won't want to strangle me.

Until the next time, thank to Miguel Prado the pic, and thanks for reading.

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