Sunday, July 5, 2009

Taking Things in Stride and Positive Signs

Have to look at the bright side of things, not that I'm depressed. I'm just always searching for the answers, often in places where the answers simply don't exist. So, first off, I'm happy about the following:

1. We had a nice day overall yesterday, with lots of good friends, old and new, and regardless of my neurosis and the drama I create, the kids had a blast. In the end, who cares about the you know who, aka YKW?

2. Today, Sunday, is a beautiful day after weeks, and I'm talking weeks of rain. The sun is out and I think it should hold all day. Time to break out the lawnmower.

3. I saw several deer walk through our backyard and one of them was a tiny little fawn.

4. All of our butterflies emerged. We have painted ladies in a habitat, and four of five came out. I personally figured the 5th had died, but yesterday when we came home, it was out of the cocoon. Go figure.

6. Did I mention the sun is out?

7. No matter what the circumstances, I am grateful when our cats come over and let our kids know they love them. The beauty of pets, they really help make home feel like a home.

8. After all is said and done, HD was grateful for our help, and we were involved in our community. Not a trivial thing for introverted neurotics like us.

9. Saw RR and SD and he doesn't hate me for flaking on the website. In fact, he's inspired me to get off my butt and just do it.

10. N is making connections with kids his age, though they are girls. It's cute.

9. The darn sun is out and there is no rain. Enough said.

Okay, time to get outside and make vitamin D. Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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