Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Good Camp Vibes, Killing Time

Camp has been going well, as you might have expected. In typical fashion I'd found a way to be anxious about something fun. I worried about kids being mean, especially in light of the circumstance for our daughter's camp-she was the only girl with all those boys, but it's turned out well so far. She's having a blast and all the counselors are women, so she has some girls behind her. Also, the boys are on the cerebral side, so they probably jive with the girl who can hang. I'm glad for that.

With our son, he's having fun, too. We worry about him because he's on the shy side, but as long as there are fun things to do, he's good to go, and that's been the case. We've lucked out with the weather because it hasn't been too hot.

There is a three hour block of time that we have to pass when A is in camp, and N and I usually cruise around and look for things to do. Not always so easy, but we manage just fine. We went bowling yesterday, and usually run errands and do research for the barn project. It's fun hanging out with him. He's such a real man.

It's also nice to have time to get things done. Once he's in camp I have time to myself, though only a couple of hours, but I've found I can actually get things done. The best progression is when I start something in the morning and then finish it in the afternoon. Being in the library to do this helps because when I'm at home I can't seem to focus.

Saw the Mack's yesterday for the first time in weeks and it was nice. Great kids. I'm getting better at just keeping my mouth shut and being supportive, because I've found in the past that AM can bring out the worst of my insecurities and make me say things I regret (trying to impress her or compensate for my shortcomings). My solution? Just keep my mouth shut and nod my head and offer encouragement. That works best with her.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.


NannyOgg said...

Glad camp is working out!

And having a few hours to get things done sounds heavenly, I hope you will be able to take much advantage of it.


phredude said...

Hi Karen,

Like most things in life, it sounds better in theory but doesn't always work in practice. But it's nice just having the time, whatever you end up doing with it. Hope you are well and thanks for stopping by.