Friday, July 31, 2009

Library Gigs and Seeing Old Friends

We went to the Howe Library's live animal show and got to see a neat assortment of critters, all from the tropical rain forests of Costa Rica. And, of course, we got to encounter the usual assortment of intense suburban parents, who are critters in and of themselves. Interesting to see them in a large group of themselves, they really kick into character with their sense of social enlightenment and propriety. Ironically, the higher up the social ladder they climb, the less they seem to have control of their kids. There are a few exceptions where they really have a handle on their children's behavior, but I notice a lot of them seem to bark out commands with no results, and respond by simply repeating said command with lessening effect. The situation simply feeds on itself.

Anyway, what are you going to do? We did get to see the Mack's and the kids always have fun together. That's one thing about going to big events in the Big City, you always run into people you know, and you can count on the fact that if an opportunity to socially enlighten their kids or educate them in worldly facts comes along, then wild horses won't keep them away. So the usual suspects show up in droves, and luckily a town like the Big City, with the university and all, there are a countless number of cultural events, so why go to Boston?

Speaking of friends, we also met up with our long lost buddies, M&M, and their kids N&P. It's been a couple of years, and I think they were surprised to see us. We used to work with M at the VA and he was embroiled in the whole soap opera of infidelity and deceit, and now they seem to working things out over the pond in the UK. The cool thing is their kids now have British accents. Good seeing them, if not a little awkward.

On the subject of AM, I think we've found a good equilibrium in interacting with them and it goes something like this - do nothing, make no effort at trying to get together, and when we see each other, act like nothing is unusual. It works great because she is too busy to set up playdates, and I've given up trying. But, when we do run into each other, the kids have fun, and AM and I can act like we'd just seen each other the day before. I do think she's a bit overwhelmed, and my sense is that they are dealing with some financial issues, which make life stressful, but that's their business. I do think they are getting a new car, however, and I'm envious and wary at the same time. Envious because we sure could use another car, and wary because I know their purchase of a new car will only exacerbate an already difficult situation, i.e., more money and debt. Best of luck to everyone involved.

We went to the pediatrician yesterday and the kids got a glowing review, thankfully. Not there was looming doom, but going to the doc is always a bit stressful. They both shred their ear test, and N shred his eye test, and the doc did some wonderful things cleaning out some ears, so that was a relieft. I think I need it done on mine. Kids are growing nicely, and they both are moving it the right directions in regards to their rankings in the weight and BMI indexes (a good thing), meaning that they are growing at good clip, but their weight is leveling off relative to what docs feel is healthy. They are both good eaters and love sweets, and we are conscious of how much we feed them. Did I mention that we love our pediatrician, Dr. Tansky? She is so warm and friendly, we feel lucky.

Today we restart our beloved guitar lessons, and I've decided to go back on the ice cream wagon. My jeans are getting snug, and as I look around me and see the girth of the American public, I can hear the brakes screaching in my head. No more ice cream, for a number of reasons. Oh well, more for the kids, right?

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Chris Harris for the pic.

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