Monday, July 27, 2009

Making Martha Proud

Not to be too embarrassingly dorky, but we got a new sauce pan, and we needed it. We've found that glass tops are the way to go, and having at least two, preferably three, makes life easier. The reason for this is when you cook pasta. If any sauce involved, then along with the noodles and the steamed veggies, you have three pots going at once. We have several pots, but once has been ruined by cooking popcorn and is now used solely for that purpose, once doesn't have a handle and is perfectly usable (and we use it) but can't be maneuvered, and one is killer but is two small-one quart. So, we basically have one good functional pot for cooking dinner, so naturally we had to get another one. I wonder if my wife is beginning to wonder about me...

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