Sunday, July 19, 2009

Getting Too Into It, Barbecue, and a Great Day

We had a great day yesterday, and it all stemmed from an unexpected change in plans. We've been rather into tennis lately, with the kids and mom showing a real interest. It's a lot of fun for all of us to hit the courts and just practice hitting the balls back and forth, though at this point it's nice just to get the ball over the net. The kids really try hard and I think with more practice we'll actually be able to have games. It's fun to see.

We went to play yesterday and the courts were occupied by none other than our friends, RJ, JM, A and some kid names I. They were good. Before their fourth person showed I up I rallied with them and they could really hit the ball. I found myself challenged, to say the least.

Since we couldn't play tennis, we went to the local stream, instead, and it was awesome. It's so nice back there, the kids got into their skivvies and played in the water while R and I sat on the shore and contemplated life. It helped that the weather was beautiful, not too hot but sunny, and that there was plenty of sand and mud for the kids to play in. Plus, there was the occasional fish or two, and lots of bugs. Always makes for a good time.

We came home and had a major BBQ with our organic hot dogs and John Madden beef. It was a load of meat, though, and we need purge our systems, not to mention our colons. Going vegan for the next few days.

Camp is on the horizon, and then our big vacation. Lots to think about. I've got my website blurb together and am working on the icon and bio. I hope RR doesn't want to strangle me for changing things so drastically. Being so ignorant, I'm not sure how much actually goes into making these changes, but at the very least, I'm much more engaged.

Until the next time, thanks to Ali Taylor for the pic, and thanks for reading.

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