Sunday, July 5, 2009

Old Home Day

We had a great day yesterday, the 4th of July, even though it was a bit of a frenzy down to the last minute. We went to the rec center around 9:00 and things were still in a bit of disarray. The stand was set up and things were moving, but there were still things we needed for that darn bike blender. Sometimes that thing is just a thorn in our sides. The banner was finished, we had t-shirts, and the blenders were ready, but supplies were still missing. The girl who was in charge was a last minute preparer, and had flaked on many things and let us know at the last minute that she wasn't going to pull it off. I found this irresponsible, but everyone involved shrugged it off as teen flakiness and no big deal, so we should have felt the same. But of course we stressed.

The original plan was to make healthy smoothies with fruit, milk, and yogurt, but they came out awful and too healthy tasting. The teens had bought ice cream which we initially decided was too rich for our healthy eating plan, but turned out to be prescient in light of our unpalatable yogurt smoothies. So we ended up selling milkshakes, but the real draw was the bike blender, and they were fairly popular, thanks in a large part to the efforts of CF. What a natural, the guy was out there fighting the good fight for transition towns and did a stand up job. Kudos to him.

The day was fun, AG showed with A&I and we all had our shirts and rode in the parade. I felt self conscious, but the kids had fun, and it was exciting. The weather was incredible in that it finally stopped raining. I couldn't believe it, the sun came out and the crowds were out in full force. I think the kids enjoyed being in the mix, though they missed out on the candy. We went out later to get some but N wasn't very aggressive and the selfish bigger kids scooped them up, kind of irked me. Also, his t-ball buddy totally blew him off, which seemed mean but not surprising, that's just the way kids are. It broke my heart, nonetheless. Why are kids so tactless?

We spent most of the day selling smoothies and just like Farm Fest, most of it seemed to fall on our shoulders. We spent the money to buy shirts, yogurt, milk and fruit, but again, it's all about why you're doing it, you have to keep things in perspective, otherwise you'll go crazy. It's clear that T-town is still trying to find itself, but given the circumstances, I would have done it the same because sometimes you just have to make sacrifices to make a difference.

Besides, we had fun, and it is a nice way to attend these events when you're involved. Otherwise we'd just be wandering around looking for things to do. Also, it was a way to keep our minds off the evil twins.

R said it best, we'd just like to go and enjoy an event where the two of them weren't there blatantly blowing off A. I don't know if it's just me, but it's shocking to me how you can be such a good friend with someone and then literally want nothing to do with them. What kind of friend is that? Upon reflection that's not the kind of friend anyone would want, but it's so hurtful and again, breaks our heart. What aggravates the situation is that we seem them everywhere, and I mean everywhere, just to rub salt in the wound. A seems oblivious to it all, and still seems to think she's her buddy, even though C wants nothing to do with A. When will she see the light?

Personally I feel done with the whole situation as I'm sure they do, as well. Parenthood is such a nightmare, sometimes, but what are you going to do? What's really awkward is that the old folks are clearly aware of the situation and want nothing to do with each other. In fact, as if to torture us just a little more, the B's were stationed right next to us at Old Home Day, and we refused to acknowledge each other. This, of course, only made the situation worse because A was constantly making gestures to CB, who totally blew her off. Also, AB might as well have been miles away because I don't think she even looked in our direction, which also makes me wonder if all of this drama has something to do with what we, the parents, had done, though I can't figure out what.

Have to admit, the meanness and insensitivity of CB irked me. It's fine to choose friends and best friends, but how do you go from red hot to ice cold overnight? You could at least say hi, but it's just not meant to be.

What's funny is that at some point me and KB made eye contact and were forced to say hi, and we actually even talked. I'm not sure about this, but I get a sense that he's not completely sure what's going on, either, and at some point he even offered to help me at the end of the day, so at least he (AB and CB I can't say) doesn't completely hate us. I think.

All of this makes me depressed. It wouldn't be so bad if we didn't see these guys at every event, ignoring A. What a downer. It also wouldn't be so bad if A would just move on, but she clings to the idea that CB is still her buddy, even though she won't even give her the time of day. Oh well, enough obsessing over this... yeah, right.

The day was nice but long, we enjoy making the shakes, though it gets frenzied and crazy at times. What helps is not doing it alone, because even though HD bails out and does the social thing, having CF there to do the sales pitch made all the difference. I felt that at Farm Fest we were left holding the ball, though we did pull it off. The teens are too busy doing teen stuff to dedicate themselves to this, and that's understandable.

Anyway, we got the fair early, I bought some food at the rec table, who BTW were selling hot dogs and hamburgers for a great deal, and at least we had food. We saw CH with his buddy, though they seemed like oil and water. Still think he's a better fit with A. AB and A&I didn't seem to go to the fair, they might have been there but I didn't see them, and they might have left. Saw many of our friends, old and new, even sensei Chip, who I think drove his car in the parade.

Small town life at it's best, you can't beat it. We went home and ate a healthy supper, salad and veggie burgers, and back for fireworks. Got to see CH again, and we ate junk food, though it was sure tasty. Before the fireworks they had these fire spinners which were cool, the kids loved it, and we managed to score good seats with some astute maneuvering. Then the fireworks began.

It was a great show, and the kids were thrilled. It really made you happy and proud and lucky to live in a town like this. Good people, good community, and good times. I can't say enough good things.

We got home late, and are looking forward to some quiet time at home. The sun is currently shining brightly on this Sunday afternoon.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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