Monday, July 6, 2009

The Need To Deal

There is a whole slew of things that I need to deal with, preferably this week, but we can't get too ambitious, can we? We still need to brew over the whole camp thing, we have many options and they all seem a bit expensive, but we shall see. R is in full swing mode in planning our vacation, and it should be an exciting trip, not to mention enriching, but more on that later.

I ran into AM's friend, M at the library, and though AM is somewhat disparaging of her, I thought she was nice person. Sure, her son's might not be as stellar as AM's, but not everyone can be. Also, I really think AM is setting herself up by being such a braggart. Sure, she's earned some pride, but she's a bit shameless and dare I say arrogant about the whole thing. A bit of a chip on that shoulder, but we shall see. Not that we ever see those guys, and I've almost given up on trying, but we run into them enough to make it work.

We are slated to see G&T this week, but I don't want to be so darn overbearing about the whole thing. I feel like I'm falling over myself trying to get this to work, and it's been nice, but feel a little awkward. I can overwhelm people, but sometimes that's the only way things get done. I'm going to sit back and see how things transpire.

Found out about potential drum lessons for N, and we'll look into it. Could be fortuitous if it works out. Also need to get A a guitar strap. We were at Blue Mountain Guitar and got N a strap, but not for A since she has one. I figured they were the same size, even though she voiced objections at not getting one. As you might have guessed, the thing was smaller, and hers really is too big, so now I've got to go back and get her one, which is a good thing because now she can have a properly sized strap.

We also might have found a viable alternative to Storr's Pond, and it's in Lebanon. There's a pool there, though I'm not sure where, and it's over DHMC way, so we can do the drop off mom thing and then swim and pick her up. So far it really hasn't been sweltering, but those days will come, mark my word.

I still need to get tix to the Hop and LOH shows, so I'll get on that. We received our Bamboo tablet and are all set to start drawing, but have some issues I need to resolve, so have to contact tech service on that end.

Many birthdays this month, and need to contact someone about a potential bike for A.

Until that time, thanks for reading.

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