Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Chili Cook Off

So we didn’t win the cook-off, but truth be told, I tasted all of the entries, and thought there were a few that I liked better than mine. Some of them had a really good beefy flavor, and lots of meat.

There were some funky entries, even a green one that was really good though maybe a little too daring for small town palates. In the end, the important thing is that we went for it and at least tried, and for that we should feel a sense of accomplishment, especially in lieu of all the insecurity and apathy that had to overcome. Plus, we spoke with some people afterward who told us they voted for our entry without knowing it was ours, which was called Charming Chili (a monicker chosen by N), and that’s good enough for us.

It was nice that many people entered, adding to the fun and energy of the event. Next year we’ll hand out cash bribes at the door. Thanks for reading, and thanks to Nathalie Dulex for the pic.

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