Saturday, February 19, 2011

Retrieving Ski Poles and Shocking Ski Revelations

Like a big dork that I am, I left N’s ski poles at S6 the last time we were there, and thus began the issue of trying to retrieve them. S6 is a bit of a trek out to Pomfret, and N never uses his poles. He and I both ski without them, though on heavy-moguls I need mine. Also, I could have also picked up a used pair for $5.

Either way, I wanted to get them back, they were his, regardless of whether or not he wanted them or was going to use them. So, we piled into the car and headed on over. The kids played on the massive snow drift (the thing is 15 feet high) while I went over to the lodge.

The hill was happening, all the VT/NH kids on break, and the place was packed. I even saw the Ps who said hi to N and A. What really nice kids. All sorts of children attend ski camp because parents have to work and school is on break. Anyway, I inquired about the poles and the woman went downstairs and retrieved them. Boy was I glad.

Happily reunited, we headed off to run some dreaded errands, but I had this idea of looking for some clear ski goggles. Now that I’m an old man, I can’t see as well with tinted lenses in the shade or on dark, cloudy days. I thought clear lenses would be nice, so we stopped at the ski shop. I was amazed at how expensive those things are. The guy at the counter was showing me pairs that were $150-175. That’s nuts. What good could possibly come from a $100 pair of ski goggles?

We browsed around at the skis, and the prices shocked me again. There were pairs that were upwards of $1000. Again, is a $1000 pair of skis going to change your life any more than a $200? I think not. I’ve been skiing for over 35 years and believe me when I tell you that all that money isn’t going to change your skiing, or for that matter, your life. It only going to gives you something to brag about when you’re hanging out with a glass of merlot in your chalet. Then again, that’s often what it’s all about, marketing gear and toys as a substitute for life itself, and clearly it works. That, and buying your kids affection in place of your time and attention, but don’t get me started.

We left immediately, happy that we’d retrieved our $5 poles.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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