Wednesday, February 23, 2011

We Love Whaleback!

Why ski anywhere else? We love Whaleback, what a great hill. Good terrain, not too big and not too small, good terrain park (N's favorite), and a really hip mountain. It seems to cater to that skater/snowboard set, and there are some talented people on that hill. It’s amazing to watch. I think it inspires N a bit to go a little crazy, he really loves going off jumps, and he’s good, even if it gives me gray hairs.

Anyway, they had this amazing deal yesterday called Vegas Tuesdays. You roll two dice and the total number is what you pay for lift tickets. We paid $24 for all three of us. That’s cheaper than one kid’s ticket at S6. Amazing. The guy in front of us rolled a 4, and was he ever stoked.

Whatever be the case, Whaleback is definitely a great hill, cool and hip, not as stuffy as other ski hills we go to. They definitely got it down in terms of having a fun and vibrant atmosphere. Plus, they have great meal deals, and they make killer food like waffles and stuff. I think we’ll be going there more often.

Until then, thanks for reading, and thanks to Fran GambĂ­n for the pic.

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