Friday, February 25, 2011

Waiting for phredude

I have faith this website will one day go live if I can just get my act together, which for the likes of me is no sure thing. It is about 95% complete, I just need to figure out a couple of things, and talk to the domain company. They also provide hosting, which I thought I had, but found out that I made a mistake that I need to rectify. The longer I wait, the more money is wasted on my domain name sitting idle, plus the fact that it holds up my glorious freelance writing career.

I had brought my computer to pottery because BL’s son, ML, is a computer whiz, and he is also making a website for BL. I see him there every time we’re there, and he’s a super nice and helpful guy. Of course, the one day when I bring my computer, he’s not there, but there’s always next week.

Either way, I have questions, but I also contacted GoDaddy and just wanted to mention that they have great customer service

Until then, thanks for reading, and thanks to raly for the pic.

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