Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy Anniversary

We had a really nice time in Franconia for our big anniversary, and I was struck by how quick the trip was, about 1.5 hours. It really isn’t that far, which makes it that much more doable. We only stayed for one night, but I think that’s enough, especially when you eat like we did at the Inn. Lots of meat and rich deserts, which we can’t take too much of without feeling a bit of regret for our corpulent ways.

We arrived Monday in the afternoon and they let us check in early. It was amazingly warm, and we geared up and went for a really nice XC ski trek. It was longer than we are used to, and at some point we began to hear some moaning, but we persevered, and in the end, it was fine and we had earned our big meal for the evening.

We came back to our room, showered and cleaned up, and then had this amazing dinner. The food at the Franconia Inn is not to be missed. A had the salmon while N and R went for the filet, which for the record, was not as good as the cut from Cloudland Farms. I had this pork Osso Bucco, which I’d never heard of, but man was it good. The meat was cooked just right to where it fell right off the bone, incredible.

We had appetizers and salad before, so we were stuffed by the end, but couldn’t pass up desert. The deserts, needless to say, are amazing. We split a chocolate mouse and strawberry Napoleon, and then each had a chocolate covered strawberry. A fabulous meal, but we felt like gluttons afterward. We tried to burn off some calories in the game room playing ping-pong before going to be, but had to wrestle a bit with the kids because they insisted on playing video games and we wouldn’t let them. We’re kind of strict in that way. We have serious concerns about video game addiction, but that’s a topic for another time.

Until then, thanks for reading, and thanks to Zsuzsanna Kilian for the pic.

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