Friday, February 18, 2011

Ski Crazy

We have been doing a lot of skiing the past couple of weeks, though we don’t shamelessly gloat about it like some people we know because we feel bad that mom has to go to work while we’re out having fun, so we keep it low key. Though she doesn’t like Apline skiing, and she probably wouldn’t have fun watching the kids fly down the mountain like they do (it even gives me gray hairs), that’s not the point. Either way, we wouldn’t go without her blessing.

What makes it great this year is that we’ve tried some new places, adding to the range of our experiences, not to mention the collection of lift tickets on the kid’s jackets. I remember being a kid and thinking it was cool having a wide array of tickets, and people do check them out and see where you’ve been. I know, it’s a bit juvenile and petty, but what are you going to do?

As I mentioned, we finally made it to Suicide 6, and went back for more. It’s nice to see our old Waldorf brethren, and we got to meet up with our good friends, the H’s. I think it’s great for the kids to ski with their friends and not have to hang out with their boring old dad, who is becoming more and more of an embarrassment. This also frees me up to ski wherever I want to go, though N seems to think of this as a challenge for him to “boldly go where no man has gone before.”

This past week, we also overcame our fears and skied the black diamond at S6, Show-Off, the same one that broke us last time. I brought my poles, and it sure made a big difference. The first time down, I only fell once, albeit pretty dramatically, so much so that the woman on the chair asked me if I was okay. I was. The second time down, no falls. You should have seen N, he breezed right through the moguls, and it helped that the powder was not as deep. A good day at S6, and A got to ride up with her friends, so she didn’t feel abandoned or left out. I made a big blunder, though, and left N’s poles at the lodge. He never uses them, but they’re his poles, so I have to get them.

We also skied at Whaleback for the first time, and what a fun hill that was. They have all sorts of deals, and it’s a really hip ski hill, you can tell they cater to the young and the restless. It’s all so surfed/skateboarded out. I felt the urge to say “dude” all the time. Also, there were by far the best skiers I’ve seen on a hill. These guys were amazing, not to mention the snowboarders. They literally tore up the mountain.

The kids loved Whaleback, and it was easier to get to the than the Skiway, which involves this circuitous route on this horrible road. We love the skiway, but man is it easy getting to Whaleback, right off the highway. I’ve noticed that with the exception of Quechee, all of the resorts are north facing, which I guess helps preserve the snow, but man does it get cold.

Good thing we have out hand/toe warmers. Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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