Friday, February 4, 2011

Winter Wonderland

Wow, we got another storm, making it a stellar Winter thus far, and hopefully there’s more to come. With all the white stuff that we’re getting, one might be inclined to ask if that’s enough already. To that I would answer, keep it coming, at least for now.

I admit in the past that I’ve run into times where the snow was unrelenting and I found pining for some level of respite from the onslaught, but I’ve not reached that point. Either that, or my level of tolerance has risen even more. Whatever be the case, we had a really nice day just hanging out by the fire. Eventually I had to venture out and do some shoveling, and it was at that point that it really sunk in how much snow we’d gotten. It took quite a bit of effort to dig the cars out, and I didn’t even get around to finishing the walk or the path to the wood.

That’s because at some point ,the trails were calling for us, so we suited up, broke out the XC skis, and hit the trails. It was amazing, literally a Winter wonderland, and the snow kept falling. The trail had not been groomed yet, so the snow was pretty deep, but that didn’t stop us from blazing a trail. It’s so peaceful and quiet in the woods when it snows, it’s really beautiful.

The kids did a great job, and we had a great time, not to mention got some serious exercise. We headed home, got the fire going, and then made pizzas for supper, trying out our new white whole wheat flour. We had a dinner picnic around the stove, capping a really nice day.

Today I’d like to try to do some Alpine skiing, and we’ve set our sights on a new hill, but we’ll see how that goes. Truth be told, I’d like to ski today and tomorrow, but that may be getting too ambitious.

Until then, thanks for reading, and thanks to RIC for the pics.

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