Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Taking Care of Business, Part 1

We powered through a massive number of tasks this past Sunday, though by the end of it, we were pretty wiped out. Or should I say, one of us was pretty wiped out. Most of us think of Sunday as a day of rest and relaxation, but I’ve found that the weekends are the best time to get things done because the weeks are a little hectic with activities and meals and school work. Normally, having two parents in the house helps, except that R went to the movies, so I was the Lone Ranger for the afternoon.

I had several projects in the pipes, but they’ve been languishing for lack of time, not to mention motivation. I finally decided to bear down and get them done, and though I fell a little short, I managed to knock off several of them.

First off were the kids’ boxes, which I’d been sitting on for weeks. They were almost done, and I finally managed to do the final adjustments and install the latch so they could do with them as they please. Their goal is to paint them, so that may be a bit more involved, but at least they’re ready to roll.

Next up, our karate gis. I sewed the Okinawan patch on both of our shirts, but didn’t take the time to place them properly. Consequently, rather than being on the upper left side, they were more towards the center, near the stomach. It kind of looked funny, but A never made a big deal about it, she’s very good in that way. I felt bad, but couldn’t muster the effort to remove the patch and then re-sew them, until now. It wasn’t so bad, and this time around, I had her wear the shirt so I could see if it looked okay. I also replaced the drawstring with elastic, which makes it much easier to get dressed. A mentioned afterward that she’d like elastic, too, so I have to take care of that one at a later date, hopefully before the next class.

Another project that was sitting around the house, and I’m sure it was getting on R’s nerves, was the the upstairs sink. I had cleaned out the drain pipe on the downstairs sink and man was it an unpleasant experience, not unlike all plumbing projects. This did not inspire me to continue along, but the upstairs sink needed it as well. I put all my tools in the upstairs bathroom, thinking that I’d get it done one day, but that day never really came, and weeks later, the tools were still lying around. Finally I just did it, and now it’s done. For whatever reason, the upstairs sink, which gets much more usage from R and the kids, was a lot cleaner than the downstairs sink, which is the one I use. Why do you suppose that is?

Finally, there was the issue of supper, but that’s a topic for another entry. Until then, thanks for reading.

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