Tuesday, February 8, 2011


As much as I wanted to go skiing, we’ve had a rough few days, and were in need of a bit of respite from the madness. So, we opted instead to hang out in the big city while R met with I-KODI and then do some ice skating at Occom Pond, followed of course by our regular meal at Bolocos.

We snuck in a trip to the Coop to get necessary vittles (the kind you can’t find anywhere else), then to the Howe, which we love. The plan was to meet mom there, and then hit the ice.

Once mom arrived, we went over to the pond, and I couldn’t believe it, but it was closed. The weather was too warm, and I’m guessing the ice was dangerous. This weather has been crazy. During the Tiki Torch Trek, it started to rain, which froze and made shovelling a chore. Now we are in the midst of a warm spell, affecting the pond accordingly.

They are supposed to have their Winter Carnival next week, so let’s hope things cool off significantly in the next week. A few days back a tractor that was hauling ice blocks for the sculptures for the carnival actually broke through the ice and sank into the drink. The fire department had to come and haul it out.

That’s some serious stuff. As for us, we didn’t get to skate, but we opted instead for a trip to the Montshire where they had a new exhibit on sound waves, which was kind of cool, though we really wanted to spend more time outside, preferably skiing, but don't get me started.

At least we got to eat at Bolocos. Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Kate Mallatratt for the pic.

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