Monday, April 9, 2012

Great Easter Sunday

Yesterday was Easter, and we had a wonderful day, with little in the way of planning, and a lot in the way of hockey. We’re not big on the whole Easter tradition thing, but it is an excuse to have fun with the kids (as if we needed an excuse), and R goes to great lengths to make it fun for them. I hadn’t really given much thought to Easter other than what we were going to eat. Traditionally we do the roast beef thing, though people tend to eat ham. I, for one, am not a ham fan, and would opt for pretty much anything over it. We grew up eating ham, and had ham for every special occasion, I kid you not. As a kid I loved turkey because we never ate it, but that’s another story.

We’re trying to be a little more aware of our cholesterol consumption, so instead of steak or roast, we decided on salmon with baked sweet potatoes and asparagus. For whatever reason, it seems like salmon should be served with asparagus. I think it’s a Martha Stewart thing. The night before we stuffed eggs with candy and laid out chcolate eggs all over the house. The plan was for me to hide the plastic eggs outside, and when the kids woke up, they could find the chocolate ones inside, and then go outside and search for the others.

A&N were so excited, and couldn’t wait to go on the hunt. We had a nice Easter breakfast and then they went searching. They had a blast, and it was a reminder that as quickly as they’re growing, they’re still little kids, cute as ever. After munching down some candy for strength, we headed over to Spring Fling for the important stuff, hockey. Both A&N had games, and they’ve been playing on one another’s teams because they are both are short on players. It’s been great because they get more hockey and get to play with each other. Plus, it’s a different experience playing with two sets of kids. They both worked hard out there and did a great job, and I got to watch even more hockey. You can’t beat that.

After the game, we headed home and made Easter bread, which has become a family tradition, and dyed Easter eggs. Boy, you realize how much fun you have with your kids when they’re young, and then they grow up and don’t want to do these things with you anymore. Kind of sad, but a good reminder that you have to cherish these times, because once they pass, they’re gone for good.

A&N did a nice job of dyeing the eggs, really creative and fun, and we saved the bread for supper. We had a nice Easter spread, complete with homemade Easter decorations. What a nice day. Afterward, the kids got to watch a movie and then it was time for bed, or as we like to call it, the “golden hour.”

For as little planning as we do for Easter, we sure manage to have fun with it. Hope everyone had a nice Easter weekend, and thanks for reading.

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