Tuesday, April 3, 2012

New Digs for Guitar Teacher

Last week we had guitar lessons with EE and he moved his location. For whatever reason, the previous place, the UV Events Center, seems to have purged itself of all of its inhabitants. I’ve been told most of the other tenants have relocated, which is kind of sad.
Either way, he’s in downtown now, and we had never been there. We headed out for A’s lesson and about half the way there, I realized I didn’t really know where it was. I had some sense, and vaguely remembered the general location, but on the whole, I did know where to go. For some crazy reason I thought I could just go into town and something would magically grab my attention, but that didn’t happen.

Fortunately, we had some time, so I unhatched a plan. I needed to see the original email that EE sent me about his room change, but for that, I needed a computer. I figured we were in Norwich and I could go to the library and find a computer. Of course, when I got there, I ran into a bunch of people we know, and suddenly it was time to chat. When I’m on a mission and the clock it ticking, I’m not the best person to engage in conversation, because I can be distracted and agitated. So, my conversations amounted to, “Hi, how are you? Sorry, I have to go.”

I did manage to find a computer to check my email, but I had to wrestle a 1st grader to use it. I won. I got the info and we went to A’s lesson. Mission accomplished. After guitar, we had hockey, so A suited up in the car, and she was ready to roll, or in this case, skate.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Khaled Mohammed for the pic.

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