Friday, April 27, 2012

Something's Gotta Give

A has been taking part in track for the past few weeks, and she is really into it. I’m glad because not only does she get to hang with a bunch of her friends, but they’re all local and they were all in her school play. Good to have a group you identify with and for which there is some continuity. Plus, there are a bunch of older kids, and for whatever reason, a majority of them are girls.

Track is also good for A because it’s challenging for her and she’s in a group where there are better athletes (not unlike hockey) that inspire her to work hard, overcome obstacles, and improve. All good qualities, especially when you tend to embrace the things that you are good at and come easy to you. And let us not forget, it’s good exercise and will only help keep her in shape for hockey.

Now with N doing lacrosse three days a week, we have had to forsake piano/drum lessons and karate. There’s just no way we can pull it all off. The way we’ve had to work it is to simply skip those activities, and the only way we’re going to make it to them is to skip lacrosse. We might be able to pull off track, but afterward A doesn’t want to go to karate (I’m so tired). This is all fine and dandy for them, but I’d like to make it back to karate at some point, especially since there is supposed to be a test coming up. I heard that last week’s class was small, I feel bad.

Fortunately track and lacrosse are short seasons, so eventually life will return to normal, whatever that means. At some point hockey will return to our lives, and then life won’t be normal, but it sure will be good.

Until then, thanks for reading, and thanks to maniacmiler18 for the pic.

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