Monday, April 30, 2012

Big City Library Gig

Way back when I agreed to serve on the big city library board, I didn’t really know what it would entail. I went to first meeting where they introduced us, and then it pretty much fell by the wayside. I figured it was really just a symbolic position where I didn’t actually do anything. I asked one of the librarians and she said the job was mine for life, they don’t expire and they don’t get rid of people.

Easy enough, though I like to be involved. Sure enough, I got an email the other day from the director saying they wanted to have a meeting in regards to meeting the expectations of their five year plan. Not only that, but they were asking me if I was willing to attend and give my input. Wow, a job to do. I was impressed, and maybe a little flattered that they thought of me. Ah, the frailty of the male ego.

I agreed, and will head over there sometime in the coming weeks and talk policy. Who knows, maybe I’ll even get a t-shirt out of it, but somehow I doubt that.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to waltonics for the pic.

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