Friday, October 12, 2012

Fitness Maniac

I’m no fitness guru (I just play one on TV), but for whatever reason, I’ve been fairly into exercising for the past couple of weeks. It's probably because I want to look like one of these guys.

Either way, part of the inspiration is because of my pending karate test, for which I have to run five miles, but also I feel like I’ve become a bit more of a sloth since returning from vacation. Furthermore, when you’re feeling fit, it definitely benefits all aspects of your life, sort of makes you feel more invincible.

So, I’ve been trying to run twice a week, and ride my bike twice a week. That’s a whopping amount of exercise for a person who never exercises, and the weather has not been ideal, with loads of rain. Even still, when I went running last week, I actually pushed myself harder and went farther than I thought I could. If anything, I probably could have run even more. I ride my bike a set distance, but the true workout is going up the massive hill near our house. At this stage, I can do it without stopping, but it sure works my legs.

I’m hoping that all this exercise will also make the transition into hockey a little less painful. I credit hockey and UF for giving me the ability to do as little as I do, so hopefully over time, I can up the ante. We’ll see.

Until then, thanks for reading, and thanks to Mr Andrew Murray for the pic.

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