Thursday, October 4, 2012

Getting Ready For... Skiing?

Is it that time already? Since we took a late vacation this year, we came back in the thick of fall and preparation for winter sports, which includes, of course, hockey and skiing. We’re in pretty good shape for hockey, though there are always things to update, and for skiing, I think we’re all set.

I had the kids try on their boots and incredibly enough, they said they fit. I was pleasantly surprised, even after asking them to make sure because slightly comfortable translates into pain on the hill. They said they were fine, so I have to go with that. This is beautiful because if we don’t have to update skis and boots, then that makes life simpler and more economical. I might be inclined to get their skis tuned up, and we might have some needs in the Nordic department, but all in all, we’re looking pretty good. Then again, things can change between now and January.

I bought new skis last year at a yard sale, and though they only cost $15, the guys at Henderson’s said they were great skis. Good enough for me. However, I found that I wasn’t totally thrilled skiing on them. Mind you, we hardly skied at all last year, partly because of hockey, but also because there was no snow. Plus, the conditions weren’t always stellar. The few times we did ski, I felt like I had to work a little harder to have fun, and I might go back to my old skis, which were used rentals. They’re not pretty, but I sure enjoyed skiing on them.

Until then, thanks for reading, and thanks to Pauljh for the pic.

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