Saturday, October 27, 2012

Locker Room Fun

This is too cute for words, but the guys on N’s team get a little crazy before practices, and it’s hilarious. I think the girls get just as crazy and have just as much fun, at least that’s what A has said, but guys are not allowed in there.

The other day in the locker room I was helping the kids get ready and one of them had an iPod with speakers. They started blasting the current trendy song, which amazingly enough is from South Korea, called Gangnam Style, or something like that. It’s your basic synthesized, over produced song that sounds like every other, it’s just that for whatever reason, this song is all the rage. What made it hilarious is all the boys were singing it out loud, it was a scream.

Now I made the quintessential parental blunder and helped the kids get their skates on without having them at least try. In other words, I took the easy way out and just did it, rather than have them try their best and begin the process of doing it themselves. Oh well, live and learn. The key is not to make the same mistake twice, or else earn the wrath of DF.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to NedraI for the pic.

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