Thursday, October 4, 2012

Vermont 50

Last weekend, sort of out of the blue, we helped out during the big Vermont 50 race. The V50 is an annual race where people run or bike 50 miles or 50 km. Talk about grueling. It’s kind of a big deal, and our friend MH runs in it. Last year she was the first woman in her age group to finish, which is pretty amazing when you think about it. The race goes through trails and woods, so it’s not for the faint of heart.

MH had asked R is we were interested in helping, and we thought it would be interesting. We went on Sat to find out what we needed to do, and there was free ice cream and snacks. We went back on Sunday morning for the race, and it had been raining for the previous two days. The race finishes at Mt. Ascutney on the ski trails, so you can imagine how muddy and challenging it was.

They have hundreds of volunteers, so we weren’t really sure what we were supposed to do. We ended up helping at the finish line as all the racers arrived. They were quite the site, all wet and caked with mud. Mountain bikers seem to relish these circumstances. The runners came a bit later, and we actually saw MH cross the line. She was indeed the first woman of any age group to finish, and she was, I believe, in the top 5 finishers. Granted, she did the 50K while I’m assuming the others were doing 50 miles, but 50K still works out to about 32 miles, which is impressive to me. What’s crazy is she wasn’t even panting.

After a while, we went over to the tent and got a free lunch, which was amazing, and then we came home. I thought it was a nice day, and great for the kids to volunteer their time and do some work. They enjoyed it, and I think a lot of the racers got a kick out of seeing the kids greeting them. They’re so cute, I can’t say I blame them.

Afterward, the kids went to HH’s house to hang with friends, then home to relax and enjoy the end of the weekend. Ultimate has come to an end, so we were able to spend a quite Sunday evening at home. I’ll take it.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Chris Gidney1 for the pic.

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