Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Whopper of a Day

We had a whopper of a day last week. In addition to making movies, we were to watch our friend’s kids, then off to hockey for all three of us. At hockey, the had a party for N’s team, so we had to make a food item, but it was all good, we pulled it off, and I have to say I’m proud of the kids for working hard. Their diligence is what made it sort of complicated, but I’m all for it if it involves something creative and rewarding.

Now there is a local movie competition coming up for Halloween, and the kid’s book group decided to make a film to submit to the contest. They worked hard on the script and filming, and the final step was to edit it. Since A is the one with the most experience with the software, she was in charge of doing the final cut, using the program Final Cut, no less. This involved a day at the studio.

The kids all met over there to film one final scene, and then they went to work on the computers. A is pretty good with the program, and she worked really hard. As is usually the case with projects like this, complications arise. The group went over the allotted time, and there was more editing that had to be done, but the other kids had places to be. So A agreed to stay on and edit the piece until it was finished. We had nowhere to be anytime soon, so I told her to take her time and went got them some lunch.

It was originally set for 10:00 to 11:00, but we ended up there well past 1:00PM. At some point I had to pick up HH’s kids, so I told A to keep working and drove back to town to get A&I at school. We then headed back to the studio where they watched A finish the edits, which is kind of cool. When it was done, it was well past noon, and we had to be at hockey around three. I was proud of the kids for working so hard and being so dedicated/diligent.

This gave us just enough time to head over to the big city and get some gelato, then back to our house to await the arrival of HH. During this time I made kettle corn for the hockey party. HH showed up around 3:00, we chatted for a few minutes, then we were off and running to hockey. N had the first practice, followed by A. I got her a sandwich for supper because her practice was the same time as N’s pizza party, though I managed to save her some food, so she ended up chowing down on a sandwich, pizza, cookie, and cupcake. I expressed my surprise at her eating so much food, but in her defense, she did have a long hockey practice.

Now all this would have been a crazy day in itself, but after A’s practice was my hockey game. R offered to come get the kids, but they wanted to stay for my game. There was also a parent meeting for A’s team, which I missed, but because of it, several of the kids stayed behind, so the kids could all play together. It worked out beautifully. Plus, there was a bucket of kettle corn leftover, which the girls all devoured. How’s that for a healthy dinner?

After our game, we loaded up the car and headed home to see mom. It was one heck of a day, but you realize how much you can do if you just stop fretting about it and just do it. Words of wisdom for the wise.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to supremature for the pic.

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