Monday, October 8, 2012

Setting (and sort of achieving) Some Lofty Goals

At some point in life, you realize that unless you set lofty goals, you’re simply not going to get anything done. Small steps will only get you so far, you have to shoot for the stars. This applies to many areas in life, including writing, as well as basic household projects.

With this in mind, I’m going to attempt to get a number of projects done before it gets too cold. Actually, some of them can be done in the cold, but others, especially painting, need to be done before the snow comes, or as I’ve been told, before Thanksgiving. That gives me a little over a month to get a load of painting done.

The first step is to work on those windows, cleaning them, replacing, when needed, the storm windows, and painting some of the trim. The inspiration for this was rather serendipitous because I was simply painting the trim on the dormer windows when I noticed that A’s storm window was rotting. I tried to take it out to measure it and it literally crumbled before my eyes. This set in motion getting new windows, which was an adventure in itself, and then the desire to clean the windows and paint the trim. Not always easy to do when you have to stand on the roof.

The other big goals are to finish the floor and walls of the vestibule. This will require insulation and dry wall, which intimidates me because I’ve never done it, but what else is new? Then, if I’m really feeling invincible, I’ll paint the entire upper half of the backside of the house. That will be a project.

We’ll see where any of this goes. I did manage, with the help of N, to paint the front step, and there’s still about 5 cords of wood that needs to be split and stacked. Finally, the weather has been lousy, non-stop rain, and hockey is on the horizon. Oh well, nobody said being a real-man in training was going to be easy.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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