Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Big Storm and Hearing From My Mom

We survived the first big storm of the season, and at least up here, it wasn’t as bad as Irene. The rest of the east coast got hit hard, and it’s pretty incredible to see the amount of damage that was done. We were bracing ourselves for the worst, and got our emergency supplies in order. It was rather serendipitous that we had a blackout a few weeks back that highlighted our shortcomings in our emergency preparedness.

This time around, we made sure we had fresh batteries, candles, and water to flush the toilet. It helps to anticipate the storm ahead of time because you can be that much more prepared. The storm was big enough news that I actually heard from my mom, which was shocking, though in a nice way. She asked how we were doing and all that good stuff, I appreciated the call.

The storm itself was pretty substantial, with strong winds and plenty of rain, but I don’t think we ever lost power, and for the most part, we came out unscathed. I’m grateful for that, though we did lose a tree. Our hammock tree, no less. Now I have to dust off my chainsaw and fire it up, but if that’s the extent of our travails, I’m in no position to complain.

Our hearts go out to the people south of us, and we hope everything works out.

Thanks for reading, and thanks to kakela for the pic.

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