Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bike Revisited

Went and got A's bike yesterday and was disappointed in Morris Bros., though I'm not holding a grudge. They are such nice guys and are trying their best, so you have to cut them some slack. Of course, the problem now is that the job falls on me, though I've recently learned that our good friends are bike pros and would help. Good to know, though for now, there are certain things that I feel I should try to tackle.

First off, I gave the handle bars a go and they loosened no problem. After adjusting them, I fixed the brakes and the gears and then it was all better. The thing is, the guys at MBros said something about the bike being too rusted to adjust it or something like that, so I immediately had visions of the thing being irreparable and started to think about where I could get another one. I was bummed, but the thing wasn't so bad. I even managed to adjust the tube and tire and oil the chain, though my darn oil can didn't work. There are still odds and ends that need to be addressed, but overall the bike is in good shape. Might need to get a new back wheel because the spokes are pretty badly rusted, but that's MBros influence talking there. I'll talk to ED, the man.

BTW, A's thrilled to pieces about her new (-ish?) bike, as is N, because he gets to graduate up to a bike with gears, which will change everything when we ride together.

I also discovered what the problem with my bike is - the tires has a big hole on the side that the tube is pushing out of. Not good. No wonder it was riding so bumpy, and I'm lucky the thing didn't burst. Then again, I'm being dramatic, aren't I? I felt bad for the MBros so I bought a new tire from them, even in lieu of them letting me down. They're good guys.

Now, of course, I gotta put the thing on. We'll see where this goes. Until then, thanks for reading.

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