Monday, August 17, 2009

Fabulous Day, Part 2

A&N were so excited about the party that the day before they had made this sign on the front deck. It's hard to read, but at the bottom it says "Don't Forget to Jam," in reference to A's guitar jam that night with KR.

Anyway, I could go on all day about the party, it was a really cool event, but in the end, what we got the biggest kick out of was watching the show, especially the part where A played her guitar. I give her high marks for having the courage to get up there and play with such confidence. Then again, talent and ability help, but I'll leave it at that.

The show was so nicely put together, JM did a wonderful job as the organizer and MC. He's so good at that, he does the 4th parade, as well. Amazing. The stage was a tent set up with a complete sound system, that AG was controlling and doing an incredible job. A professional set up, if I might add. What was so wonderful about the whole thing was that it was a truly eclectic mix of artists, some very experienced (dare I say professional) and others clearly just beginning, but all were welcomed with open arms. A true artists environment, so encouraging of creativity and expression.

There were poets, mimes, musicians of all sorts, including an assortment of accomplished guitarists and even an accordion. All that was missing was a juggler.

And then, of course, was A. She had decided to play Cotton Mill Girls and KR inquired if she knew all the words, which immediately made me anxious and wonder if it was the best choice, but A was steadfast in her resolve. In fact, there was zero hesitation in her decision, which I applaud. During the show KR was furiously going through her papers and I began to wonder if something was wrong. This was our girl going up to perform, mind you.

Just before A and KR went up, JD showed up, what a lovely surprise. She looked tan and refreshed from a vacation, though as any parent knows, vacations with kids are not relaxing, but nonetheless, she looked good. She was excited to see A up on stage.

When A and KR finally went up, there was a brief moment of panic as she couldn't find her pick. I told her to stay calm, KR probably had one, and then I raced over to the previous performer and borrowed one from her, which she more than enthusiastically lent me. Artists looking out for each other. A and KR prepared for the show and KR stood back and let A lead the show.

And boy did she do a great job. I realize I'm a shameless parent, but A did such a nice job up there. She was calm and composed, and she sang and played so nicely in the limelight. It helped having someone as accomplished as KR backing you, but even still, I would have been petrified, especially in the presence of such accomplished musicians. She ripped through Cotton Mill Girls and the audience roared, with me being the loudest. And then, they went for another, kicking back into gear with Waltzing With Bears. The audience loved it, and everyone was gushing over her performance. We were so proud of her. She really did a stand up job.

She was beaming, and rightly so. It was a wonderful moment for her and parents, alike. Very nice.

KR went on after that and sang an incredible version of Gilliam Welch's Orphan Girl, and I have to say, KR's singing is so beautiful that I could just sit there and listen to it all night. It practically moved me to tears, she's such a joy to listen to. She then did a duet with Julie and they had a lot of fun with that, and then the show went on.

It was actually a blast, and though it was getting late, the kids wanted to stay for the fire spinners. I knew R was going to tear me a new one, but N really wanted to see it, and he was probably feeling a little left out after A's big moment, so I couldn't deny him something he wanted at that point. We watched the remaining acts, all of which were wonderful, saw the fire spinner, and then it was time to go home.

R wasn't livid when we got there, but I could sense she wasn't thrilled, but the magic of the moment made it all okay. It was truly a fabulous day/evening, and I just wanted to say thanks to KR for being such a great mentor to A, JM and NT for hosting such a wonderful party, AG for letting me know about it, and all the cool, hip young people who made us feel welcome. There is a certain mature presence about all of them that is so refreshing to see.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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