Wednesday, August 26, 2009

First Disasters Rolling In and Divine Intervention (i.e., GL)

Okay, so as predicted, we've hit a few snags in the early part of our trip, as is to be expected. Fortunately, I have my Mentor GL there to watch my back.

In the rush to get things together, I managed to give PV, the woman watching our cats, the wrong darn key to the house. It's the one I keep attached to my bike key and store in backpack in case I misplace my regular keys. I never really thought to check it before giving it to her, but clearly I should have.

My bad.

Fortunately, and this could very well have been divine intervention, but I called her the morning of our departure and gave her my Mentor's phone number. I had written it down on a piece of paper in the house, but with the wrong key and all, she could not have gotten in. Yikes, a disaster in the making. Not only did my Mentor come through for us, but he also offered to mow our lawn. What a guy. How did we luck out and get to friends with him? I don't feel worthy, but I'll keep working on that one.

Now we are holed up in KC and N is feeling a bit under the weather. Yesterday was a rough day, and he didn't get enough sleep, as usual, so the combination of the two are taking a toll. This morning he was in good spirits but didn't eat any breakfast, and at some point went down for a nap, which he never does. We'll keep track of this situation but are hoping for the best.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to aprilbell and Wouter Otto for the pics.


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