Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My Apologies to My In-Laws

When I mentioned that nobody had really acknowledged my birthday, I had mistakenly forgotten the wonderful thoughtfulness of J&B, who never forget our big day, and I mean never. So though I never hear from my own mother, who once again didn't say a thing, nor my brother, who can't be bothered to attend to anything that doesn't serve his own end, I know that J&B always have us in their minds on our birthdays. This year they sent us a fabulous strawberry cake with a creamy frosting that we all loved and enjoyed for at least 2 days. Thanks, J&B, and sorry once again for forgetting to acknowledge it.

Also, D&P always send us a nice card, without fail I might mention, and thanks a bunch to them. With recent developments we are hoping to see more of them, especially since their niece is a horse-riding machine.

In the end, I really shouldn't complain. Not that I am. I'm merely pointing out that my own family seems adept at ignoring me, and I can't help but think that, at least for my mother, there is an intentional quality to it all. She never forgets these things, it's just not in her nature. It therefore begs the question, what exactly is she trying to tell me?

I don't really care if she blows me off, though I am acutely aware of it, it's when she targets our kids in an effort to get to me that I find cowardly and intolerable. It is a tactic that I've found both she and my glorious brother employ, and I have to confess, it leaves a bad taste in my mouth, but I won't belabor the point. There are more important things to attend to.

So in closing, thanks to J&B and D&P for being such a wonderful family. We hope to see more you soon. And thanks for reading.

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