Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fun Farm

Spent the afternoon at GK&Ts yesterday and I have to confess that we really enjoy and look forward to our regular gig with them. Hope they feel the same way. It's a nice area and it's fun for the kids to just run around and torment the farm animals... just kidding. They have lots of fun, and yesterday T caught a snake and didn't even blink an eye. After awhile A&N were comfortable enough to hold the snake and play with it. It was a harmless garter snake, but even still, it is a snake and takes some getting used to.

I brought some John Madden beef over and made 3-bean salad with some our homegrown green beans, and GS cooked some dogs and we had our usual feast. It really is nice hanging out with good friends in a bucolic setting. Plus, me and GS jive, and he's a fountain of knowledge. We'll be sad when summer ends and school begins, but we'll make sure to keep the dream alive during the fall and winter. Have to keep a good thing going.

We also talked about making pizza, which is a great idea, but more on that later. Also beginning to plan for the Tunbridge Fair, which is coming up.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to eduardtrag for the pic.

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