Thursday, August 13, 2009

Scored on a Bike

I scored on the bike of my dreams (not the one in the pic). Actually, it's more like our kid's dreams. A&N both are in need of bigger bikes, especially N. He needs bigger wheels and gears, but that won't happen until A gets hers. We almost had one except for T-town needed it for their blender and wouldn't budge on giving to our kids, so I went searching. We could have easily just went to Omer and Bob's and paid top dollar for a really nice bike, but we were talking $150, easy. I wasn't ready to go there just yet, especially since the situation is not urgent... sort of. We could probably make it until next spring if we had to, but I figured I'd keep my eyes open for yard sales and the classifieds.

Well, I went to my dentist appt on Tuesday and on the way home I saw the remnants of a yard sale that must have happened over the weekend. The sale was over and what was left under the tent was free. At least that's what the sign said. And best of all, there was a bike. I first drove by and thought I'd deal with it later, then stopped and turned around and went back. The bike seemed the right size, and it was a decent brand, Giant, which I think is better than Huffy or Schwinn. It looked to be the right size, as well, so I took it. The sticker said $10, even though the sign said "Everything Under the Tent is Free." I left $10 in the door, anyway, just because it seemed like the right thing to do, and I was so ecstatic about finding a bike.

When I got it home, it turned out to be the right size, and the kids were thrilled. A because she got a new (-sih) bike, and N because he was getting an upgrade. Actually, they were both getting an upgrade.

Good vibes all around. Took it to Morris Brother's for a tuneup, and we're awaiting word. Until then, thanks for reading, and thanks to kamila turton for the pic.

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