Monday, August 24, 2009

Speaking of Which

Speaking of biting off more than I can chew, we made complete pigs of ourselves in Franconia, and we engorged ourselves on the big taboo-red meat, and lots of it. We figured it was our birthday and part of the fun of going to Franconia is eating, but boy do we live to regret it.

We spent a quiet afternoon doing what we love best - just hanging with the kids and opening the birthday presents that they made for us. They are just too darn cute for words, they went to all this trouble to make these wonderful presents that they wrapped themselves. They made the wrapping paper and the cards, and then carefully put them together to give to us. We initially forgot the gifts when we left and about a half mile from home we'd decided to open them when we go back, much to the chagrin of our kids. And understandably so. So we made a quick u-turn and got the goods, and we were glad we did.

It's indescribably rewarding when your kids go to the thought and trouble of making presents for you. It breaks out heart, it's so cool. And they are so creative.

Afterward, we went down to the dining room for supper and proceeded to eat our yearly allotment of beef. As much as I love the flavor of steak, it really sits in my stomach like a rock. You look around and see people wolfing down burgers and steaks and you really begin to realize why this country has so many health issues.

We were on the dinner meal plan, so it behooved us to eat to our heart's content. This is not a good thing because it only encourages gluttony and eating way beyond our capacity. So we ordered salads and shrimp appetizers. A was the only sensible one who ordered a fruit salad appetizer, while N got clam chowder. By the time our entrees arrived, of course we were already full, aided by the fact that I made the fatal error of asking for more bread (killer bread, BTW).

Then the entrees came. The kids both got flank steak while I got the pork roast and R got the filet. They were all incredibly tender and delicious, but when you're full, meat can be repulsive. And, of course, not wanting to let food go to waste, I ended up doing cleaning duty. I ate up all the kid's steak, my pork, and the filet that R didn't want, which was about 75%. By the end, I didn't want to look at meat again, at least not until breakfast.

The meal was fabulous, it was just too much, and afterward I went to the front desk and took us off the meal plan. Too much food, not a good thing.

Oh, did I mention desert? We were allowed four choices, but exercised a little self-control by getting just two. We chose the Reeses Peanut Butter pie and the chocolate cake with hot chocolate ganache (an oozy chocolate filling). Both were incredibly good, but again, at some point it gets to be painful. I don't know, maybe it's just me, but as much as I love to eat, too much food gets me down. Some sort of guilt mechanism kicks in and I am no longer enjoying myself.

I think it is tied in with my parents and brother relentlessly and ruthlessly tormenting me about being fat as a kid, even in lieu of the fact that they insisted we eat as much as we could when the opportunity presented itself, i.e., all you can eat buffets, which my parents lived for.

Thanks for reading, and thanks to dinsdale for the pic.

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