Sunday, August 2, 2009

Warming My Heart

Sometimes things happen in life that warm my heart, and of course they involve our kids. We were at a program the other day chock full of kids and I removed myself from the masses by sitting all by lonesome in the back. This gave me a great view of how the kids interacted without them having any sense of my presence, which is just how I like it. Anyway, what I saw warmed my heart-two kids were fighting for our daughter's attention. It started out innocently enough, but at some point I could see aggressive vibes coming through, and one of the girls went so far as to hug A and pull her close to her. This girl is a good friend, too, so it was nice to see friends standing by each other, if you can call it that.

We've developed a fairly fun routine that does not require a car, which is key for us, since we don't have the car on certain days. We ride our bikes to the rec center, and the reason this is cool is because not only are there a bunch of kids there, but we can play tennis or go to the stream, or play on the playground, and let us not forget going to the library. For a small town, there's a fair amount going on. And the kids jive with a few of the daycare kids, though it can be a tough crowd to break into. We saw A and I there, and they still seem a bit lukewarm and I wonder if AG is angry about the 4th, perhaps he felt we blew him off after he made the effort to be there. I hope not, and if so, I feel terrible because I asked them to come. We shall see.

I feel like we let both AG and HH down this past month, so I'm not sure if we can make contact and set up playdates, though is still think they're nice girls, even if they are lukewarm now and then. Not sure where that is coming from, but there is a lot of stuff going on in their lives. We shall see.

The nice thing about getting to downtown is that there are eating opps there, as well. and if need be, we can grab lunch and then get fudgesicles, which makes it all worthwhile.

Just wanted to mention that yesterday, Monday, was an absolutely fabulous day in terms of the weather. If all of summer was like this, I'd be grateful. Then again, summer is practically over, so it's not an issue. The day was sunny, warm but not too hot, maybe low to mid 70s, and breezy. Just beautiful. Finally got to open up the basement and let things dry out a bit. Not enough considering how much rain we've had, but I'll take it.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Marinka van Holten for the pic.

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