Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Those Darn Cats and the Last Butterfly

With all the preparation and thought that goes into traveling, one of the biggest issues that is haunting me is how our cats will fare. Can you believe that? We wrestled with this one, because if there is one thing they live for, it's going outside, where they just happen to be decimating the vole and mouse population. This is not a bad thing, though there is a mean quality to how the torment the animals before they take them out. Must be building up some bad karma there.

Whatever be the case, they love the outdoors, and while we are away we decided to keep them inside. The reason is that they are almost impossible to bring back in once they go out. R spends literally an hour trying to get them to come inside because we don't want them out there overnight, what with predators and all. They are fine with most of them because they bolt up a tree, but if they meet up with a fisher cat, and they're most definitely out there, then it would be the end, no question about it.

Also, we cannot expect PV, who is coming to feed them, to chase after them all night. So we'll keep them in. They are going to go stir crazy, but it's for the best. I feel bad for them because they will be bummed, and we love our cats.

We did a test run over our birthday weekend in Franconia, and it worked out fine, though they tried to get at the last Monarch Butterfly and must have terrorized it to no end. We didn't think (hope?) the last one would hatch before our return, but it did, and the cats tried to get to it. We found it on the floor with one nervous butterfly inside. When A released it, it didn't waste any time heading straight for the border. Glad it made it out okay.

Just for the record, unlike in years past, we managed to see all four of our butterflies this time. Though we cut it close.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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