Thursday, August 20, 2009

Last Hurrah and Future Plans

Now that school is about to begin, our regular gig with GK&T is coming to a close, sort of. Though he's going back to work in the salt mines and she is back in school, we have vowed to keep our regular thing going, we just have to adapt it. When you think about it, we meet around 3:00 anyway, and that's when school ends, so it's so doable. We'll make it happen.

We also talked about a joint venture between the two of us, more pie in the sky type of thing, no pun intended, and if you can believe this, we have the endorsement of our wives. You can't get any more support than that. Again, more on this later, stay tuned.

We did our usual BBQ thing and it's always nice hanging on the farm and talking about life and politics and women and fatherhood. I think even K enjoys my company and I like talking to her, and the kids have a blast no matter what they do. They just have fun doing pretty much nothing, and there are animals to play with. A brought her guitar and played a song, and then gave T a quick lesson. She, in turn, gave A a quick piano lesson. It was cute, as usual.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Michaela Maslarska for the pic.

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