Friday, August 14, 2009

A Good Friday

The morning was a bit of a scramble as we tried our best to get to guitar class on time, and of course failed. It was a slightly shorter lesson, but no problems. A had a great time as always and we really feel lucky to have KR to teach her. She's such a great person. All the way home A was raving about how much she loved guitar and learning with KR, and I get a HUGE kick out of seeing them perform together. KR has such a lovely voice, and I think she brings out the best in A's voice. It's nice to hear, terribly moving, if you ask me.

The day was slated to be scorching hot, as are the next several days, so we planned on going to the pool, our new favorite pool, the Lebanon pool. More mellow crowd there, not the upper crust Hanover crowd that looks at you and wonders, sometimes aloud, what exactly you are doing at "their" pool. I've gotten this question, though not exactly in those words.

Anyway, it was hot, and with no wind it promised to be a good time to take a dip in the drink. The place was moderately crowded but not as much as I'd thought it would be. We had a nice picnic and then went on with our day.

Before the pool we stopped at the Howe to deal take care of literary business and saw the Macks. They seem to be doing well, though they bought a new car and are toying with buying another. It all makes me a bit uneasy because I've been informed of their credit card status and realize that they must have refinanced their home to get a loan to pay for the car, which makes me wonder how on earth they could consider getting yet another new car. That seems to be a familiar pattern, these families that go out and think, what the heck, what's one more car? AG went on about how they don't have to pay outrageous interest fees anymore (i.e., credit cards) making it sound as if all the debt magically went away, but as we all know, it doesn't.

One interesting thing is their off on a trip next week and she went on about how she can't wait to finally be around good people, which made me wonder if she thinks the current company, meaning me, is just crap. I know that's not what she meant (I think?), but it could have been construed that way. It's hard pleasing some people.

Either way, it was nice seeing them, and we didn't play the BS game of saying how we have to get together and all that. I think we've move past such unrealistic goals.

After swimming, we went to Stern's and saw SA, she was doing well, and then to the Coop to get our unique Coop purchases, then go get mom. We went for a pizza dinner, and then off to ice cream. The kids are getting more adventurous and trying things other than chocolate and banana flavored ice cream, and that's nice to see.

One last nice note, when we got home, there was a postcard from our good friend CH and family. That's always a nice thing to come home to.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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