Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ticks Are a Drag and a Day on the Farm

Life is full of crazy coincidences, don't you think? I was writing a piece about the spread of Lyme Disease and climate change, and one of the cats came in from outside and our daughter called out to us that she had a tick crawling on her hand after she held the cat. How weird is that? The funny thing is, she was very calm and almost amused as she watched the tick crawl along her hand while mom and dad were FREAKING OUT trying to find a vesicle to put it in. We eventually put it into a vial of isopropanol, but kudos to A for being so calm and collected.

We spent a great day at GK&Ts, always fun, and I have to confess that I think me and GS have become chums. We commiserate on the difficulties of parenthood but can be cerebral and manly at the same time. What's cool about GS is that he is a student of life, he really enjoys learning about things around him, and he is a fountain of knowledge. I always learn interesting stuff from the guy, and his daughter plays so well with our kids. AND, they have a cool spread, with lots of animals and cool places to explore.

Speaking of which, I think GS is really getting it together in terms of his farm. Sure, there's a ways to go, but it's falling into place, and he's got the thumbs up from the missus, which is always a good thing.

Looking forward to cooler weather and less worries about the ticks. We've found a flea on the cats, as well, and wonder what that Frontline crap actually does.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

Writing about Lyme and A catching a tick-she's calm and cool and we lost it
fun day at the farm, g is getting it together

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