Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Swimming Dilemma and More YKW Sightings

It's been scorching hot so we're always looking for a place to go swimming, and suddenly we're presented with a few options. The place we'd really love to go to is at NT and KR's place, but it's somewhat complicated by the fact that the pond is on their property and though they are more than happy to have us over, it's still their house and I feel like we're imposing on them. Mind you, they have never alluded to this, and have always welcomed us, but I still feel kind of bad. After all, it's there house, and it's a little odd when strangers come over. Suddenly you can't be as free and easy as you were before they showed up. Maybe when we get to know them better.

For now, we went swimming at the pond on Curtis Road, which is just past NT and KR's pond. I have to confess, it's not as nice. The water is a bit more still, and NT's pond has little fountains and the shade, something Curtis Road doesn't, and the water seems cleaner. But, the Curtis Pond is more of a public pond, and it is frequented by the Cobb Hill kids, so there is a social scene that is built into it. We got there and were the only ones at first. There is a raft in the middle of the pond and the kids had fun swimming over to it and trying to get on-it's not easy.

The water felt great, though I was struck by the fact that nobody was there. Made me wonder if there was something I didn't know. After about half an hour, some kids (one parent) showed up and we knew some of them, so everyone had fun swimming and splashing. I met a new Cobb Hill family and that's always a bonus. So fun time was had by all, and we got to beat the heat.

That night there was a message from YKW, and she wanted to have a play date. Not sure what's going on with that one, but I feel that at some point we need to talk to A about it. I don't want to revisit that whole soap opera, and soon school will start and YKW will forget that A even exists, but for now, A has no idea what's going on, and maybe she has a right to know. We'll have to ponder this one.

It makes for a very odd situation, and I'd love to get some feedback from friends, but don't want to belabor the point. I'll seek out the proper counsel. Until then, thanks for reading, and thanks to Laurivo for the pic.

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