Friday, June 1, 2012

Back Advice

I’ve learned that there is no shortage of advice on my back problems, and I take that to mean that when it comes to age-related pain and body malfunction, I am not alone. There are some consistent themes I’ve come across in my journey thus far, with the most prominent being that I need to take a break from strenuous exercise, I should do more stretching, and most importantly, I need to stop being a martyr and have it taken care of, mainly through rehabilitation. The world doesn’t need another martyr.

Plus, pain leads to inflammation, and as health experts are beginning to realize more and more, inflammation is not your friend. Constant pain is like having constant stress in your life, and everyone can relate to how stress will kill you. Pain is similar in that it causes your body to release stress hormones, and those are the things that can wreck havoc on your physiology. R has become an expert on this field, so she is a good source of wisdom, and she is always telling me to deal with pain. That, and the fact that she and the kids get tired of my whining. Funny how that works.

In light of all this, I must confess that I’m toying with the idea of rehabilitation. My friend KE made perfect sense when she said that living with pain isn’t going to help your body or make it go away faster. If anything, it could make it worse and prolong the problem. It can’t hurt to investigate, though it will require contacting the doc. Then again, she listed physical therapy as an option.

We’ll see where this one goes. Until then, thanks for reading, and thanks to Dr Todd Cremeans for the pic.

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