Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Back Pain Theme

There seems to be a running theme in my life about back pain. Several of our friends and family have either had bad back pain, or are currently suffering from back pain. I’m included in that latter group, as you may be aware of. I’ll tell you one thing, you don’t even come close to realizing how much you use your back, or how important it is, until it starts to fail you. My pain is not debilitating, but it’s fairly constant, and a serious blow to my quality of life.

I was talking to the Amazing PR Man, who suffered from back pain, and he recommended some back exercises that worked for him. Many of them are similar to some back exercises that my father-in-law gave me, so I’m somewhat familiar with them. They are low impact and fairly simple, so I do them every day and they do seem to make my back feel better. Even if it’s psychological, there’s value to that.

Exercise, stretching, and a steady flow of ibuprofen might help me get through this, after all. I sure hope so, because I can’t really afford to indulge in self-pity these days.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to renochiropractic for the pic.


Back Pain Relief said...

Sorry to heat it from you. Hope everything will be fine. Just continue doing some exercise stuffs because it benefit a lot to you.

phredude said...

Dear Back Pain Relief,

Thanks for the tip. I think the exercises will help on many levels. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Back pain Fairfax said...

On this case, it is better if you consult for a chiropractor to examine your back pain and do chiropractic treatment.

Shan Salas said...

It's been a year, how is you back now? I agree with them, Phredhude! Chiropractic treatment would be a great back pain reliever; they are proven safe and effective and there wouldn't be any expense for surgery and medication. Try it if you haven't, yet.

Shan Salas @

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