Thursday, June 7, 2012

Final Week of Lacrosse

We are in the final stretch for lacrosse, culminating in a big tournament. N is excited and has come to really love the game. It’s fun to watch, maybe not as fast and exciting as hockey, but many ways, just as entertaining because things happen at a more controlled pace. Hockey can seem a bit chaotic at times. The tournament will a bit of rough weekend, but without question N doesn’t want to miss a thing. He’s definitely hooked.

Looking back, it’s been an interesting run with lacrosse. Prior to this season, I hadn’t had much exposure to the game, and now we’re totally into it. I have to confess, before N started playing, I was a little cynical about the game. The atmosphere was a bit too macho for my taste, and it seemed so “east coast prep school” to me. In many ways, it still does, but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate it. It helps that the coaches and parents have been very supportive and positive about N’s playing, not without reason, in my opinion. Also, N is really enjoying it, so that’s all that matters.

The time commitment has been a little hard on all of us, but on a bright note, the game is played outside and the weather has been nice. Plus, it’s a great way for N to make friends and find his place amongst his peers. In certain ways the atmosphere and experience are not unlike what we saw in hockey, just not as hardcore. Plus, you don’t need ice, which makes practicing and playing much simpler. It’s something he and I can do anywhere and anytime.

It looks like we’ve found our spring and winter sports. The two are definitely linked in many ways, which is not a bad thing. Plus, they’re both what I would consider to be “cool” sports, which is important when you’re guy trying to find his place in the male jock universe. Someone mentioned that N would be a great fit for playing football, but for a number of reasons, I’m not keen on that. Besides, between hockey and lacrosse, who has time for anything else?

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to WC Lacrosse League for the pic.

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