Sunday, June 10, 2012

More Wild Kingdom

Life in the wild, you can’t beat it. I feel like Davey Crockett sometimes. Last week we caught a fierce chipmunk in our mudroom with teeth the size of bayonets. It took all I had to control him in the Have a Heart before letting him go.

Well, just on the heels of recovering from that fiasco, this past week, we saw a fox walking through our backyard in broad daylight. It was beautiful, they’re such cool animals, though it makes you wary when you have cats running around out there. I used to think our cats could handle themselves with a fox, but this one seemed fairly big. Either way, we have been hearing strange noises coming from the woods at night, an eery crying sound that we can’t quite place. It doesn’t quite sound like a coyote, though it was somewhat redolent of a human crying. Really interesting, if not a little spooky, and I’m guessing it was coming from the foxes. There might be a den nearby, because we have been seeing and hearing them fairly regularly.

I’ll tell you this, we aren’t in New York City anymore. Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to jans canon for the pic.

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