Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Team Player

Last week N played his final regular season lacrosse game, and there was some question as to whether or not it would even happen, because the weather was rainy with a chance of thunder. Plus, the game was in Rutland, which is a bit of a trek. On the other hand, it was the big rematch with N’s team’s only loss of the season, so a lot of people were wanting to play.

The weather ended up breaking, and the game was a go, so N and I drove through Killington to get there. The weather was actually nice when we arrived. It was a tense game, and though N’s team lost, they played a great contest, and looked much stronger than the previous match up. It was sort of a bummer because N didn’t get to play as much as the past, though the one shift that he was in, he did a great job. He was an attacker and he got the ball, ripped a shot, and nailed the post. You could hear it ring from a mile away The fans gasped it was so close, and the coaches yelled out to him what a great shot it was. Unfortunately, that was about it for his playing time.

The coach said that since it was the final game, he wanted to give the older players more time, and since Rutland was a rough team, he wanted the older and bigger kids in. Now I’d heard that the rookies don’t get as much playing time, so I can’t complain because N has been playing a lot. They’ve even put him in at mid-field, which I take to be a confirmation of his abilities as a player because it’s a challenging position. I was still bummed that he didn’t get to play more.

He, on the other hand, had the usual great disposition. I didn’t in any way allude to my disappointment over his short playing time, and he wasn’t bummed in any way. He said he would have preferred to have played more, but he had fun, and that’s all that mattered. It’s great when your kids teach you a lesson about being an adult.

After the game, we headed back to our neck of the woods but skipped past our house to meet A&R in the big city. We had supper at Boloco and then dessert at the bookstore, breaking our sugar fast, but what are you going to do? You can’t eat fruit for dessert. Afterward, we headed home and rested up after a long day of lacrosse, which is coming to a close. I’m glad N is enjoying it, I think it’s an interesting sport, though I’m unfamiliar with it. I am finding that there is a coolness factor for the kids, which is never a bad thing.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Paul Rabil for the pic.

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