Friday, June 8, 2012

Possible Hockey Decisions

The time has come to make a decision, and in a way, the choice is not really a choice, after all. A was pretty adamant about playing on the PeeWee House team, but it appears that nobody else is playing on the House team. The registration has been anemic, and the last time we checked, we were the only ones signed up. There has been this big push to start a girl’s U12 team, which I thought from the beginning would be a great fit for A because she would bond with the girls.

R disagrees and think the opposite because A has said that she likes playing with the guys. That’s fine, but truth be told, she won’t really end up making lasting relationships with them. They’re pre-teen boys, they’re too wild to really bond with girls. Eventually they’ll be interested for other reasons, but for now, they’re too young. Playing with girls her own age, she can make some real friendships. Now two of the girls she knows said they wanted to play on the House team, cementing A’s decision, but one of them might still be a Squirt.

The point is, it’s all a moot issue if there’s no team to play on, and it’s looking more and more like that will be the case. I spoke with DF and he said by the time players reach PeeWee, they’ve decided to either play on a travel team, or forsake organized hockey altogether. Pond or pick-up hockey will do, and I can completely understand this.

This brings us back to the girls team. DB, who has been spearheading this effort, has been trying to get me to talk A into joining the U12, but I’m not going to force the issue. It’s her decision, but I do think she’s leaning more to the U12, especially in light of the fact that there may be no House PeeWee team, and the travel team is getting a little too ambitious. The guys behind the U12 want to make the schedule lighter than a typical travel team, which is a good thing in my opinion.

We’ll see where this one goes. Until then, thanks for reading, and thanks to Pyogenes Gruffer for the pic.

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